Hi this is the website of Mezzowave the composer, producer, musician and live band working in various areas of music for TV, Film, live and multimedia.


Photo: John Warburton

Max has never been one to compromise or conform. Leading a wonderfully nomadic existence, he has taken inspiration from the many stages of his journey and carefully crafted a spellbinding set of uplifting songs and haunting soundscapes. He has drawn from almost two decades of experience in the experimental electronic underground scene and combined it with a very human sense of musicianship. In the process he has produced an album of immense complexity and infinite subtlety.

Max is no stranger to pioneering music. Alongside contemporaries from Mute Records and Renegade Soundwave he has helped shape the sound of a whole host of genres. His DJ Pathaan championed fusion project with Chaitanya was acclaimed within the Asian Underground movement. He has remixed countless tracks for artists such as Lamb and Lou Rhodes. His debut album “The Hub” took the ambient chill out scene by storm, and as musical director for Alison David (Red Snapper) he has supported Carleen Anderson and Joan Armatrading, performing live on the BBC.


Mute Records

Comical Brothers: White Capri featuring remix by Danny Briottet (Renegade
Soundwave), 12″vinyl 1995
Chaitanya: Payar,12″ vinyl 1996
Chaitanya: Kurula,12″ vinyl 1998
Comical Brothers featuring Lene Lovich: Shapeshifter CD single 1999

Mezzowave: The Hub CD Album 2001 (available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-hub/id270518933)
Various themes for sony computer entertainment Europe and Australia
1997 – 2006

Remix “Please” featured on Lamb remixed 2005

Producer on Lewes New school Changes
Music for Film 4 trailers
Music for Damien Hurst The first look Tate modern Channel 4 trailer
Home Part 1 “Who Are You?”   album used on Top Gear

Who Are You? Released October 2014 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/who-are-you/id913664029

Music for various Films for Google



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